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Modules of simulation game Unisim

Prouct Development

Marketing Communication

Sales Channels

Finance, Accounting, Reporting

HR management

Unisim includes important commercial functions of the company that you can encounter in the real world.

Unisim is a proven management stimulation game

Thanks to Unisim, students have a unique opportunity to trial and understand the principles of corporate  management. The simulation game contributes to the development of the creative and strategic thinking of students
and currently has a number of benefits for schools.

Unisim is an effective learning tool on all levels of study. Unisim serves students on universities, colleges and high schools.

Unisim Reference

Unisim in numbers

virtual companies
played simulations
universities and colleges
years on market

How to incorporate it into the curriculum

Unisim is an ideal complement to the curriculum of business economics, management, marketing, finance and accounting. In particular, it helps understand the interdependence of these corporate functions.

Inclusion of the simulation game into the existing subject.

Creation of an independent subject based on a simulation game.

one-day workshop led by licenced instructors

Playing the game

Individual players are grouped into teams (1-5 players) that make up a company. Companies move in a virtual world and make management decisions. The winner is the company that achieves the highest target indicator at the end of the game (e.g.: EVA or ROE).

Technology and gameplay

Unisim works on all PCs and tablets with Internet access. You don’t need any additional installations. Everything is managed remotely from our servers. We ensure game availability.

Call us for more detailed information.

+420 774 737 021

News from Unisim

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